Tube-Nosed Fruit Bat Fun Facts

Tube-Nosed Fruit Bat Fun FactsAre you a movie holic? If yes, you must be familiar with Batman, a superhero whose appearance resembles a bat. Seeing a bat-like human in a movie is interesting. He is described as handsome and strong man. How if you see a bat in real life? Probably, you will flee.

Bat is a nocturnal animal, meaning that bat is active in the night. It is widely distributed in Australasia. Since bat is a nocturnal animal, it searchs for food when the night comes. Mostly, bat eats fruits or small insects. There is one kind of bat which is different from any other bats. The physical appearance has unique characteristic. People usually call this kind of bat as tube-nosed fruit bat.

What is Tube-Nosed Fruit Bat

Tube-nosed fruit bat originally comes from north-eastern Australia. Since they are commonly found in the eastern part of Australia, they are also called Queensland tube-nosed bat. Tube-nosed fruit bat has latin name, Nyctimene robinsoni and philippine tube-nosed fruit bat (nyctimene rabori). It is included in the family Pteropodidae. Animal from the family of Pteropodidae lives solitarily or in a group. Tube-nosed fruit bat is included in endangered species. In 2006, IUCN declared this animal entered the Red List of Threatened Species.

Beside Queensland tube-nosed bat, there is another species of tube-nosed fruit bat. This species comes from Santa Cruz, therefore it is called Santa Cruz tube-nosed fruit bat with Latin name, Nyctimene sanctacrusis. Unfortunately, this species has been extinct. The last record of came from Nendo island in 1907. The preserved body of this species is kept in Australian Museum, Sydney. This female bat was donated to the museum in 1892. The forest destruction was believed to be the main factor which caused the extinction.

Unlike other bats, tube-nosed fruit bat has tubular nostrils. The tube-like nostrils is the origin why this bat is called that way. The color of the body is deep brown with gray head and sparse yellow spotting. The female bat has a light golden brown color or lighter than the male one.The wings of this animal can spread for about 40 cm. Tube-nosed fruit bat is a mammal. It has vertebrae and mammary glands. The reproduction occurs in May and June.

Tube-nosed fruit bat likes to eat figs or other local fruits and sometimes insects. The tubular nose enables this bat to breathe while inserting its face to the fruit to suck the juice. Tube-nosed fruit bat can fly up to 50 kms at night to search for food. Since its foods are mostly fruits, bat is  found in the areas with tropical climate. Recently, the same species of tube-nosed fruit bat is found in Papua New Guinea. Bat which has the same characteristics as those of Nyctimene was discovered in Muller Range mountains. This bat is likely the endemic animal from Papua.

Nature has proven that the same species of animal is widely spread worldwide. One of the examples is tube-nosed fruit bat. This bat can fly from island to island. The number of this animal in the world is decreasing rapidly. Therefore, it is included in endangered species. To save this animal from extinction, we can have conservation attempt or reboitation. Stop illegal logging!

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